East Coast Boys Picture For About Us

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EastCoastBoys started out as a thought in a basement.

Our community has always been involved in Motorsports and has attended and participated in events. East Coast Boys was supposed to be a video outlet for our content that we were going to make in the area but it grew to such a substantial amount of people that we soon decided to turn East Coast Boys into a company and be able to help support the events that we used to attend.

EastCoastBoys now has a clothing line and growing to host our own events in all fields of the Motorsports industry. We also would like to support the Motorsports industry and will be supporting Riders and athletes that participate in these events.

If you're interested in Motorsports i'm sure you'll be happy with our Facebook page constantly updating with awesome new material that you can all see and watch and make sure to check us out on all the other platforms.