East Coast Boys Picture For About Us


East Coast Boys was developed with motorsports in mind and has moved to representing the East Coast as a whole. The project was started by Jordan Gri and Max Goguen in April of 2015 in a basement watching youtube videos. 

The brand grew and but was not taken seriously at first, we worked tirelessly to promote, make clothing (not of good quality) and stickers to sell and grow the name. We shortly after started a Facebook page posting photos and videos and the page rapidly grew. 

Max Goguen left East Coast Boys for personal reasons and East Coast Boys was taken over by Jordan Gri who then acquired Jeremy Parker in June 2016 who has been working on the team ever since.

East Coast Boys is now 162K likes strong on the Facebook platform and growing on all other social platforms. East Coast Boys has gained local and international recognition and has many viral videos on the internet. East Coast Boys is involved in hosting events, Selling clothing (Quality Clothing) and promoting the motorsports industry in the local area.

East Coast Boys future lies in selling clothing and accessories, Hosting events locally in the Motorsports industry, Growing internationally as a brand, Have an East Coast Boys racing team and spreading into other territories.

We take pride in being able to offer something from our little piece of the planet...In a world so large, Our geography goes unnoticed.