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  1. VW hasn't gone quite so extreme with the updated MK7.5 Golf family, but we did fond some worthwhile updates in their new cars.
  2. A few highlights that'll help you decide whether Lexus' new sports coupe is a beauty or a bust
  3. Flogging around the track to see if BMW and M have found their way back to driver focused cars.
  4. Does the legendary name plate still mean off-road performance with in-town luxury?
  5. Driving one of, if not the first 991-generation 2 Cup Car delivered in the United States.
  6. So who exactly needs a supercar?
  7. Deal with it—it's going to happen. Electrification of our cars, that is.
  8. Venturing to frozen Canada to get initial impressions of VW's new MQB based SUV.
  9. Let's kiss Toyota's boring image goodbye.
  10. We're taking two luxury heavyweights worth more than $150k combined (without options) for a drive on a frozen lake.
  11. A few days with this sexy Italian makes us contemplate life, lust and the value of luxury.
  12. Maybe not a full AMG but more than a great car.
  13. A crossover with style, safety and sporty-manners, this is exactly what Volvo is good at
  14. If we can give the new turbocharged flat-four in the 718 Boxster and Cayman a chance, then all of you should be able to as well.
  15. To mark the GTI's 40th anniversary, VW is wowing the world with a Golf that is everything it has eschewed for the last decades.
  16. So the million-dollar question is, what's so interesting about the new '17 Impreza?
  17. Alfa Romeo is coming back to remind us what sports sedans are supposed to be
  18. Could this be something we could get down with?
  19. We love wagons and although the Audi Allroad might technically be a CUV, enthusiasts know it as a A4 Avant dressed by REI.
  20. So you like being different, being able to park anywhere? We have a Smart choice for you
  21. Driving the first mass production car from Jaguar's new performance brand in Spain on roads and a race track.
  22. Porsche has polished the handling to make this the best driving example of the king of 911s ever.
  23. Is this basically an S-Class for owners who want to drive themsleves?
  24. A big, hyper-powered rolling tank of a German sedan; the thought of which is enough to make a certain kind of driver giddy.
  25. If any SUV can be the S-Class of SUVs, it has to be from Mercedes.