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  1. The story behind Richy Contreras and his Datsun 280Z build has layers of redemption and revival behind it that beg to be retold.
  2. An S15 that avoids trends altogether and unlike anything you've seen on the Internet
  3. A wagon that grabs your attention, not because of bright colors or a big turbo, but because of a finely tuned attention to detail.
  4. A picture-perfect, textbook example of the level of quality that goes into every project commissioned by Star Road.
  5. Whether you're a Toyota, Mazda, or Honda fiend, I think we can all agree we've all dreamed of owning a Skyline at one point or another
  6. No cookie cutters here
  7. Civic enthusiasts can be found anywhere in Japan, but the Kansai region has to be one of the most unique Civic-centric communities in the country.
  8. An 873hp Civic with sinister urges and a laundry list of awards.
  9. Robert Ljuba took an Impreza L and chopped and welded it till it could do everything he thought it should've been able to do from the factory.
  10. Owning 8 RX-7s will never make sense to a lot of people and spending $90K on just one of them won't make sense to just about everyone
  11. For years you've been conditioned to not like Honda's 7th-gen. Civic, but then you see one like Huy Huynh's and you start feeling bad.
  12. When was the last time you truly felt satisfied?
  13. Nobody ever needed a 2,000hp Toyota Land Cruiser. And nobody ever needed a 2,000hp Toyota Land Cruiser that'll do 230 mph.
  14. Clay Barnett may barely be into his 20s but he is on his way to building one of the sexiest FDs that we've encountered in a long time.
  15. While you got a sweater and a gift certificate to Olive Garden for your 21st birthday. Edgar Mendoza, got himself a barely used S2K.
  16. Obsessive doesn't begin to describe the amount of work put into this build
  17. A few highlights that'll help you decide whether Lexus' new sports coupe is a beauty or a bust
  18. From ex-Koni Challenge backup car to the fastest Unlimited RWD Time Attack vehicle in Canada.
  19. Inspiration comes in many forms and in many ways, but it almost always stems from an experience.
  20. In a saturated S2000 community Ray Delgado has found a way to make his AP2 standout.
  21. From the moment it was purchased, this R32 had one purpose—to show the world what Garage Bomber was capable of.
  22. Face-to-face with the 3 most important cars we found at V-Sport's headquarters.
  23. Perfectly executed period-correct styling combined with one American drifter's personal twist.
  24. A solid list of parts, a mean appearance, and a humble owner who's taken his time are all the things that make this WRX special.
  25. A turbo K24 Civic sedan from Thailand