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  1. The E.PRIME AE86 is a work of art and is a shining example of how to build an AE86 right.
  2. As a native of Agua Dulce CA, Kyle Padelford was almost literally raised on the track.
  3. Teaching guys who are just learning, and being with people who come together for fun and for support: This is what drives men like Daniel Stoicescus
  4. Just when you thought you were sick of every single widebody car there is, AimGain reels you right back in with this beauty
  5. Supachai Pipatvet is nicknamed "Champ." Why? Because all he does is win! That's why!
  6. Every project car has a story. Whether it's the struggle to finish, an award, or a lap time, there's always a story to remember it by.
  7. The C210 may be the black sheep of the Skyline family but that doesn't stop Tsuyoshi Okada from having a long held sentimental meaning for them.
  8. A role reversal that sees senior taking cues from junior
  9. The rarest Toyotas you'll ever find stateside, this car is history book on wheels and a love letter to TOM'S racing heritage.
  10. Ask Dominic Le why he took a limited-run Datsun, cut it up, and stuffed a Toyota motor in. his answer is simple: "Why not?"
  11. We featured many amazing Supras over the years, and to mark the coming of the next gen. Supra here's the top 10 according to all of you!
  12. Who knew a police officer could be so cool?
  13. Fredrick Tissera's build takes on a dual purpose when it comes to the word "inspiration"
  14. Chris Cu and his Infiniti Q50 that is setting the bar for a new generation
  15. Reviving a Sunny truck by doing something cool and daring by daring students
  16. It may be hard to believe, but of all the cars in Honda's USDM lineup, it's the Fit that stays true to the automaker's essence.
  17. An FD that RX-7 goes beyond the Instafame criteria of suspension mods, wheels, and bolted-on fenders.
  18. It's hard to imagine the last time we've seen a Toyota MR2 that's so well built.
  19. When it comes to putting together a project like this '95 GS-R, you don't just "accidentally" build a car of this caliber.
  20. RX-7 builds like these don't come around often, and ones that make the sort of music that David Mazzei's does are simply unprecedented.
  21. The story behind Richy Contreras and his Datsun 280Z build has layers of redemption and revival behind it that beg to be retold.
  22. An S15 that avoids trends altogether and unlike anything you've seen on the Internet
  23. A wagon that grabs your attention, not because of bright colors or a big turbo, but because of a finely tuned attention to detail.
  24. A picture-perfect, textbook example of the level of quality that goes into every project commissioned by Star Road.
  25. Whether you're a Toyota, Mazda, or Honda fiend, I think we can all agree we've all dreamed of owning a Skyline at one point or another