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  1. This R35 may not have an outside-the-box conversion or ridiculous horsepower numbers
  2. The hot little hatchback that had the social media world talking
  3. Steve Thomsen admits it. He's old. Just look at his affinity for cars from the mid-'90s and you'll understand what he means by this statement.
  4. What you've heard about Corolla GT-Ss, is mostly true. It's likely—and unfortunately—that they're slow, overpriced but for Ron Ng, it didn't matter
  5. Contrary to what you might think about Japan, the streets are not crawling with Nissan Skylines.
  6. What truly makes a car special? Sure, top-shelf parts will check off boxes for many, but sometimes a car is just special on its own
  7. As Patrick Swayze famously said, nobody puts baby in a corner — especially when it's packing a turbocharged set of spinning Doritos.
  8. Why go on and on with just 1 person's thoughts when we could get a few people from around the office to give their 2 cents?
  9. Style is a beautiful thing. How it's interpreted is special to you alone, no matter if it's clothing, personal grooming, a slam dunk, or cars.
  10. Both of these FDs are equipped with Car Shop Glow lighting and appear to have similar styling and color, but when you look closely, they are quite different.
  11. Forgiveness is yours for not knowing that the Stagea was even a thing, let alone a thing with a R33 Skyline GT-R's twin-turbo engine under the hood
  12. Adulting isn't all that bad, especially when you can still play with Enkei wheels and [baby-sized] Recaro seats.
  13. The builds that you and your friends take part in are what truly bring people together.
  14. One month isn't a lot of time to build a captivating show car, especially for a show like Wekfest Japan. But Masaru Ishikawa set out to do it
  15. From all of us at Super Street, we'd like to congratulate Phil on a job well done.
  16. One of the sexiest S-chassis builds we've ever seen come out of Japan.
  17. Class wins at the Motive DVD Drag Battle & Nulon Nationals don't come easy, and breaking records can take years; BYP Racing took 28 days to do both
  18. What began with a college budget and an RSX loaded with replica parts has transformed into a widebodied, RHD, turbocharged beast
  19. Will Tetro never planned on having an 1,100hp FC RX-7 with a Chevy V8 under its hood. It just sort of happened.
  20. If you were a fan of D1 GP in the early 2000s, you’ll recognize which car Michael Enrico was jocking when he put his build together.
  21. Clean and quiet 510 on the outside, mean S13 on the inside.
  22. Until now, the closest we ever got to an exo car was dropping our Cronut on an Ariel Atom at a Cars and Coffee a while back.
  23. A dope skater with a dope whip!
  24. Not many cars will earn more mixed emotions or divide a group of enthusiast faster than this Evo
  25. The term "restomod" is thrown around so much nowadays it's almost lost its meaning. Luckily this Skyline is here to remind us what a true restomod build looks like