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  1. Nobody fiddling around a C-HR is expecting to be setting records on the dyno, but that doesn't mean there aren't improvements to be made
  2. For the turbo crowd, Revel VLS has a hunch you may have neglected something when you hit the dyno last, and that’s your intercooler air temps.
  3. You know you want a fully built engine. Only problem is you’re not exactly sure what that fully built engine ought to be made up of.
  4. The latest and greatest from the Japanese Domestic Market
  5. A chance encounter with an old friend gives Jofel the opportunity of a lifetime.
  6. We test winter and all-season tires back to back to determine if changing tires out for harsh weather is worth the effort and expense.
  7. Lambda and AFR are two paths to the same destination. However, understanding the difference can save time and maximize efficiency
  8. Improved handling and a lower stance were welcome additions to the Civic, but now it's time for a new set of wheels and tires,
  9. S-Tec Motorsports builds a 1,000HP Pro Drift 2JZ-GTE for RAD Dan's Toyota.
  10. Upgrading to coilovers and stiffer anti-roll bars along with an entire brake system update
  11. SS's Modified Civic project visits Eibach Springs for new, prototype Pro-Street-S coilovers
  12. E85 is a wonder-fuel when it comes to boost, but optimizing a turbocharged/supercharged vehicle for it takes special tuning consideration.
  13. There's more than one way to tame that boost; learn which one is right for you
  14. Owning a R32 GT-R might seem like a dream but there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Learn how to fix them and, better yet, avoid some of them.
  15. Bolting on a few parts to see if opening the airflow in and out will net a positive gain.
  16. The VR6 engine was love at first sight, or sound, but we found ourselves loving the entire VW Passat in a short time.
  17. The name Modified should conjure up thoughts of our old sister magazine but it is also the name of our new video series.
  18. For any proper tuning timeline, suspension is one of the first things addressed.
  19. Just bought a used hooptie off of Craigslist? Make sure to cover a few bases to keep any expensive problems from popping up.
  20. Aftermarket products to modernize your vehicle
  21. Beat the heat
  22. The latest products from Bilstein, Prothane, Truhart, D2 Racing, and more!
  23. New engine tuning/monitoring and fuel system upgrade options from AEM, Golden Eagle MFG, and Greddy
  24. Nobody has to tell you just how important it is that you know what's going on with that engine of yours.
  25. Right off the bat, the C-HR features a sleek look with aggressive look that give it sort of a coupe feel.