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  1. VFM4_10_01Perfectly crafted fenders with added function for your F82 M4 Victory Function is well known in the tuner community for their high quality body parts. Typically working with Japanese vehicles, they have set the standard in quality and fit/finish. Their “blister” styled fenders allow for added track width and improved styling over factory components. They
  2. AlfaRearGet the Signature Remus Sound and Performance with their New Alfa Romeo Exhaust System The Giulia is the all new premium level performance sedan from the Italian auto maker Alfa Romeo. The top of the line Quadrifoglio model was created to compete against the best offered by Audi, Mercedes and BMW. The twin turbo charged 2.9L
  3. Yellow-Porsche-991-Turbo-S-with-20-inch-FF15-HRE-wheels-3The best Pricing on Porsche HRE Flow Forged Wheels Available Through Vivid Long a market leader in forged wheels, HRE now offers its FlowForm line of wheels featuring iconic styling and a level of quality embodied by the HRE brand, all at an accessible price point. This cast flow formed wheel is made in Japan
  4. JAYZILLA-07Gray Nissan GT-R R35 looks Majestic During the Sunset Photo Shoot Here at Vivid Racing, it is our number one priority to help customers find the products they desire. It gives us great pride when a customer will send us photos showing off their vehicles and their newly installed modifications. If you are a current customer
  5. nsx03Give your NSX an Aggressive new Stance with a Liberty Walk Wide-body kit The designers over at LB performance have created some amazing works of art over the last few years. Known for their exceptional work with high end vehicles and exotics, their body kits create aggressive over the top styling that looks great and
  6. TTSEnhance your Audi TT by adding the ARMYTRIX Super Sport Stainless Steel Exhaust System. This system will increase power, reduce weight, and improve sound. This precision-made performance system delivers more power, especially in the low and mid rev range, the effect on the sound is significant, adding a deep resonant sporty sound, but at the
  7. 149797542660af22b9d2e003f1d8245e0222da548bClassic Styled Monoblock Wheels with a Modern Twist HRE as a brand makes some of the highest quality wheels available to consumers. Founded in 1978, this company has done a ton of work for the aftermarket automotive industry. Priding themselves in the creation of monoblock and multi-peice wheels, their quality and attention to detail is
  8. Main EditedPrevent Power Loss from Factory Components while Improving air flow to your Turbo! If you want to improve your intake efficiency and gain power / response, the new Tomei suction hose is the perfect upgrade. Now available for Evo 7-10 models, this bolt on part improves upon factory components. The factory hoses are low quality and
  9. Bentlly6New Wheels Gives this Bentley Continental GT Speed an Updated look Something as simple as a set of wheels can really change the overall look of your vehicle. In the current state of the world, people want to customize anything and everything. The good thing about Strasse wheels, is that you can literally customize every
  10. F80-red-Carbon-seat-cover-eventuri1Update the looks of your interior with the Eventuri carbon fiber seat backs Eventuri has created a name for itself by producing some of the highest quality carbon components available. This new product for the F80/F82 adds to their vast line up of performance and aesthetic products. These new seat backs allows for you to
  11. MainGive your Audi S5 4.2L V8 the Performance and Sound it Deserves! The B8 and B8.5 Audi S5 was equipped with either a 3.0 V6 Supercharged or 4.2L V8 naturally aspirated. Both of these engine options have their pros and cons, but there is a slight advantage with the V8 option. Even though the V8
  12. JRS_3202-Edit (1)This Nissan GTR gets a Proper Wheel Upgrade from the guys over at ADV1 Here at Vivid racing we have done a ton of modification to the Nissan R35 GTR platform. We have noticed a trend with new owners of these vehicles regarding their decisions on parts upgrades. Generally these owners will choose to do exhaust modifications
  13. Spoiler2Carbon Fiber Goodness for your Ford Focus RS From Anderson Composite The Focus RS continues to be a best selling vehicle in the hot hatch segment. Now that the vehicle has reached its first model year end, there have been quite a few new products released for this platform. Anderson Composite has created a wide range
  14. SideTrackThis Mazda FD RX7 gives Inspiration for Vehicle Tuners World wide The Mazda FD Rx7 has a love hate relationship with most car enthusiasts, but we can agree on one thing… It’s is a damn good looking vehicle, even in stock form. The rotary power plant seems to scare off potential owners, while others love
  15. MAINPHOTOUnleashing your GLE63’s Aresenal with a full Armytrix Turbo Back Exhaust The new GLE coupe from Mercedes is a very interesting vehicle. With a sloping roof line resembling a 2 door coupe, but the capacity of a 4 door sedan, it is the ultimate combination of convenient and sporty. While they offer several trim options and
  16. MainaFeIncrease the Power Levels on your Twin Turbo 3.5L Ecoboost Raptor The new Ford Raptor is a rugged  high performance version of the F150 with an exceptional power plant. This time around Ford decided to reduce its engine cylinder count by 2, while adding 2 turbos in the process. The previous 5.4L and 6.2L V8
  17. KWSUPERCHARGERNeed to keep up with the neighbors Hellcat? We have the solution… Modern Muscle cars are consistently pushing the envelope in terms of horsepower and torque figures. For most of these vehicles, they still stick to the tried and true “There is no replacement for displacement” theory, which usually include a large V8 Engine. With
  18. 34884557250_8fc6092873_kEnhance the Overall look of your M4 GTS rear end with the new wing from Vorsteiner The M4 GTS has captured the hearts of BMW enthusiasts around the world. With enhanced aerodynamics, lighter weight, added power, up-rated cooling systems and a roll cage, this was the ultimate road ready race car. Even though the performance of the vehicle
  19. FK2-intake-eventuri-car-isoPerformance Carbon Fiber Intake System for the 2015-2016 FK2 Civic Type R Eventuri is the leader in performance carbon fiber induction systems. Their “Venturi” intake housing not only looks amazing, it also is very functional. Allowing for increased flow, it also smooths out turbulent air. What this means, the intake is able to take in more
  20. SSX-660_white_FTransform the looks and function of your mid-engine roadster with the new kit from Liberty Walk Liberty walk is known for its high end over-the-top wide body aerodynamic kits. In the past they have done aero for exotic and high end vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Audi ect. Every once in a while they
  21. 52-76311_7.1497077387Fully Sealed Performance Intakes From aFe Bring your N55 Equipped BMW to the next Level Get more power and induction noise with the new intake system from aFe. Help your car breathe better and have less intake restrictions. This new sealed unit offers an increased flow rate of 20% over stock. Using a mold injected
  22. McLaren_Wing_570s_AP-4Agency Power is Getting some love in the Middle East The release of the new Mclaren 570s wing by Agency Power  has been a huge success thus far. This product has gone through a tedious R&D process, which has proven its ability to withstand high speed runs. Recently this product has been getting a lot of
  23. Toyota_Tundra_FuelWheels-3Truck life is awesome.  So many things you can do that were not possible before!  If you grabbed a soda can and threw it in the back seat of your car you would feel like a scumbag. But throw a can in your truck bed… who cares you will get later!  But truck life is
  24. ATK-BM-0088-2Enhance the Styling of your new M3 / M4 with the new Carbon additions from AutoTecknic Simple exterior upgrades can enhance the overall look of your vehicle. When it comes to carbon fiber, it seems most people can never have “Too Much”. To update the look of the front end on the F80 M3/ F82 M4
  25. signature-auto-audi-r8-16APR Performance has a carbon fiber wing for most all of the hot tuner cars available.  With nearly 20 years of doing carbon fiber and other aero components, APR has solidified their brand as the wing of choice for racers and street cars.  With wins under their belt in drifting, time attack, road racing, offroad,
  26. Armytrix_FocusRS-2Bring your Rally Inspired Focus RS to the next Level with an Armytrix Exhaust System! The Ford Focus RS has proven to be a very tuner friendly vehicle. With a ton of companies offering a multitude of aftermarket performance parts, it can be hard to choose which products are the superior. In terms of exhaust products, Armytrix
  27. HJA098.072Limited Edition Nismo Wheels are Available for a Short time only Rays engineering are now offering the new limited edition LMGT4 wheels for 2017. This new model is very similar to those of the past, but are now featured with a matte black finish. Sizing is specifically for Nissan GTR R34, but may fit other Nissan vehicles
  28. IMG_7286The Magnuson supercharger kit for the Toyota Tundra is the best thing to ever happen to the 5.7L V8 engine.  The supercharger takes your Tundra to 550hp & 550lbs-ft.  Magnuson offers 2 different supercharger kits for the Tundra.  One kit is for the Flex Fuel vehicles and one is for the Non Flex Fuel usually found
  29. E46_M3_harnessBar-16Prepare your Vehicle for the Track with the new Agency Power bolt in Harness bar! Now that the E46 chassis is approaching its 20 year mark, there are a ton of used examples on market. Many of these examples can be had for bargain prices. With low costs to purchase, some of these vehicles are being used as
  30. Main2The Signature Dinan Free Flow exhaust system is now Available for Audi S3 Owners! Over the past few years Dinan has expanded its product line dramatically. The company is world renowned for performance BMW products and now they have opened production for other makes and models of vehicles. Their Free flow exhaust line has always provided a