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  1. Running on 100 percent nitromethane with an estimated 375-400 hp, this V-Twin engine named 'The Gunfighter' built by Kirby Apathy set a blistering Pro Fuel class quarter-mile record. Find out what went into this history making engine.

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  2. E3 Spark Plugs has announced an expansion into a full line of race and street performance ignition products all designed to complement the company’s high output DiamondFIRE spark plug.

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  3. The new Throttle Body Imjection conversion kit, designed to provide almost universal coverage, features a remanufactured GM throttle body appropriate for the engine size and is designed to operate for engines with, or without, ECM controlled ignition. The kit includes the ECM, fuel pump and all sensors, components and wiring harnesses.

    The post Howell EFI Throttle Body Injection (Kit appeared first on Engine Builder Magazine.

  4. Centroid has introduced a new level of 5-axis CNC machining performance and price point with its A590 5-axis engine shop machining center. Create billet blocks and heads and CNC port and blue print diesel blocks and heads faster than ever before.

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  5. Ray Evernham, NASCAR Hall of Fame 2018 inductee, will be the featured speaker at the 2017 Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC), December 5–6 at the Indiana Convention Center, two days prior to the start of the PRI Trade Show.

    The post NASCAR Hall of Famer Ray Evernham to Speak at 2017 AETC appeared first on Engine Builder Magazine.

  6. Edelbrock has announced the AVS2 Series as the next generation of their carburetor product line. The AVS2 carburetor features annular flow primary boosters with a new calibration for improved off-idle and cruising performance.

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  7. TechForce Foundation is administering a scholarship program established by Roush Yates Engines to support students enrolled in the CNC Machining Technology program at Universal Technical Institute’s NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC.

    The post TechForce Announces New Roush Yates Engines’ Scholarships appeared first on Engine Builder Magazine.

  8. The first half of the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge 2017 Dual Championship is over. The event took place at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and included 27 teams from coast to coast. These teams battled to become one of the Top 4 teams to move on and compete in the Elite 8 playoffs for the 2017 National Championship at the PRI Show.

    The post Team Howards Cams Claims First Seed at SEMA Show appeared first on Engine Builder Magazine.

  9. The latest offering from Driven Racing Oil combines conventional 15W-40 viscosity with advanced synthetic mPAO technology to provide enhanced wear protection and shear stability for high-performance turbocharged diesel engines.

    The post Driven Racing Oil DR40 15W-40 Semi-Synthetic Turbo Diesel Motor Oil appeared first on Engine Builder Magazine.

  10. The new FAST Ford 2.3L (2300) XDi Sportsman distributor outperforms the competition by using an advanced optical pickup for the most stable ignition timing throughout the entire RPM range. The distributor is ideal for oval track racing or any other performance application.

    The post FAST XDi Sportsman Distributor for Ford 2.3L Engines appeared first on Engine Builder Magazine.