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This Blog will keep you up to date with all the additions and changes to Your Adrenaline Fix Serving Motocross, Off-Road and FMX Enthusiasts.
  1. Here's the most popular used Honda dirt bikes for sale on eBay and our classifieds which could be used for motocross, an off-road discipline or FMX use.
  2. Here's the most popular used Kawasaki dirt bikes for sale on eBay and our classifieds which could be used for motocross, an off-road discipline or FMX use.
  3. Here's the 2018 AMA motocross schedule along with addresses, phone numbers & links to each motocross facility hosting each round of the championship.
  4. Here's a site designed to provide unique, credible and useful information for riders and enthusiasts interested in motocross, off-road racing or trail riding & FMX.
  5. New and Used dirt bikes for sale including the popular manufacturers Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha with other popular Vintage and EVO models of yesteryear.
  6. These are the motocross tracks & dates of qualifiers leading to the 2014 NMA Grand National Motocross Championship at the Oklahoma Motorsports Complex.
  7. At the 2011 Daytona Supercross, #7 James Bubba Stewart was piloting his San Manuel Yamaha YZ 450 F to a nice, respectable and comfortable lead before this crash.
  8. Trey Canard, #41, A Honda favorite, and former SX lites champion, along with Ryan Morais unfortunately crashed together in the Main on the first lap.
  9. This was a nasty crash at the Daytona SX but fortunately Cool G was not seriously injured and word has it he only got knocked out and suffered a few relatively minor injuries.
  10. Introducing the 2012 Dakar Rally formerly known as Paris to Dakar and now spanning from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans of South America.
  11. At the 2011 Atlanta Supercross, Rivals Chad Reed #22 on a Honda CRF 450 & James Stewart #7 on his YZ 450 F had an epic battle going down to the wire.
  12. At the last 3 rounds of the AMA Supercross series, James Stewart has been nothing short of spectacular on the track beginning recently with the Atlanta SX Crash.
  13. A Rider looped out while attempting The Claw hill climb at a FTR hare scramble in Brooksville, Florida.
  14. Alaska Motocross at Kincaid Municipal Park in Anchorage Alaska.
  15. These are the Nuclear Cowboyz FMX show dates with addresses and info relevant to each venue hosting these theatrical pyrotechnic FMX shows no one soon forgets.
  16. Here's the dates and pertinent info surrounding the 2012 ISDE / Red Bull Six Day Enduro in Eastern Germany at the Sachsenring Moto GP facility near Saxony.
  17. These motocross videos are perfect for riders & enthusiasts alike who are looking for sick berm busting motocross cinematography so you're sure to enjoy these.
  18. Home of the 'electric city dirt riders' motocross facility which has both an Mx and a Supercross track, plus an assortment of trails for beginners.
  19. If you have interest in taking everything dirt bike related to an extreme, and you like off-road disciplines, you would likely have an interest in EnduroCross, so here's a primer on what to expect.
  20. The electric motorcycle, most notably the electric dirt bike has been slowly piquing interest among motocross and off-road enthusiasts.
  21. If you have a dirt bike or off-road motorcycle, it's likely not covered without an additional rider for dirt bike insurance and now you can get a free Geico quote here.
  22. At the 2011 Lucas Oil / AMA Pro Motocross race held at Washougal motorsports park in Washougal Washington, Honda rider and favorite among many, Trey Canard crashed suffering a broken femur.
  23. Montana Motocross Tracks, Pure Vert Hill Climbs and other places to ride all within the boundaries of the Big Sky Country of Montana.
  24. These hill climb crashes in Germany, prove that European hill climbing is taken to an entirely different level, as these hill climbers seem dedicated.
  25. Here's some Arizona motocross facilities and state maintained off highway recreational parks and trail.
  26. Here's where to ride a dirt bike in Nebraska, along with details on the available Nebraska Motocross Tracks and OHV Recreation areas.
  27. Here's an easy to use and convenient way of fulfilling your motorcycle shipping needs, allowing you to book and set your own FedEx, UPS or R&L Freight pickups and deliveries.
  28. If you haven't played Mad Skills Motocross previously, you'll like this, especially considering that MSMX was voted the best side scrolling game by ESPN's Ryan Leyba.
  29. This is such a Sick Video clip from Kickstart 2 that shows Josh Hill hitting the eject button on his 450
  30. Here's the 2016 NOTJ FIM Freestyle Motocross championship schedules for the International Night of the Jumps Freestyle MX Series complete with venue addresses & phone numbers.
  31. If you built or know of an epic dirt bike track, riding area or fmx compound that you'd like to bring some attention to, be sure to submit the track, riding spot or compound here free of charge.
  32. The dirt bike videos producers are turning out for Motocross, Off-Road and FMX enthusiasts are continually getting better & better with bigger & bigger hits like these.
  33. Places to ride a dirt bike are kind of thin in the garden state but here's a New Jersey motocross facility that has both intermediate and advanced level motocross tracks.
  34. Here's an exhaustive review of the widely known Leatt Brace, while discussing the similarities and adjustability of Leatt's Adventure, Club, GPX, and GPX Race Brace.
  35. Here's the best New Hampshire Motocross Tracks and a SX track to ride, race or get schooled by John Dowd on, as well as a resource of off-road trail networks in New England.
  36. Here's how to lubricate, inspect or replace the clutch, throttle or brake cable(s) on a dirt bike to ensure smooth operation of the handlebar controls.
  37. Dirt bike pictures from the motocross tracks, off-road trails and FMX ramps (Some FMX pictures courtesy of Red Bull).
  38. If it's time for a new gear bag because the old one is looking ratty and it smells like funk, you may want to check out this alternative for toting your riding gear.
  39. From the pioneers of the neck brace designed to minimize chances of neck injuries in high risk sporting events comes the newest Leatt Five Five with the following features.
  40. If you're searching for specific Husqvarna dirt bike parts to fit a Husky motocross, off-road or FMX bike, these eBay listings may have what you need, or you can list & browse parts on our free...
  41. The FMX tricks we're seeing in FMX videos & live shows today were once considered impossible in the earliest days of freestyle motocross, but here's a look into where FMX has come from, and what it's...
  42. This motocross crash of Chad Reed aboard his “Privateer” Honda CR450F at the 7th round of the 2011 AMA Lucas Oil Motocross series at Millville / Spring Creek.
  43. Motocross pictures from professional and amateur motocross events featuring pit access, gate prep, the pre-race calm and racing action including some nice hang time.
  44. Utopia Motocross Park is located at 13550 Hwy 83 N, Defuniak Springs, FL. Track is open every Saturday & Sunday from 9am until 5pm.
  45. Here's a Nevada Motocross Track with a SX, EX and Off-Road section and an excellent Nevada OHV Resource so you can fire up the dirt bikes and ride the state parks.
  46. Here's some Arkansas Motocross Tracks and Dirt Bike Trails for your use and even a couple spots to throw down on some Freestyle Motocross (FMX) Gaps.
  47. Presented here are archives of previously highlighted content on Your Adrenaline Fix covering the various aspects of off-road motorcycling.
  48. Here's some gnarly motocross crashes, as well as plenty of Supercross carnage and Off-Road or FMX Crashes.
  49. Alabama Motocross Tracks, Dirt Bike Trails and other places to ride all within the boundaries of Sweet Home Alabama.
  50. Johns Peak/ Timber Mtn OHV Area is located just outside of Jacksonville, OR Southern Oregon. The area offers about 16,000 acres of tight technical single track.