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Randall Key Rock Bouncer Story

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Sometimes in life we risk ourselves with the potential of getting very hurt. One of these events has happened to Randall key who is a 4X4 nation rock buggy driver.

Randall unfortunately got hurt in a gas explosion in 2002 about a hundred fifty pounds hit him in the back. The explosion put him in a coma for about 3 weeks with a 2% chance of living, luckily he was able to pull through that and spent about six months in the hospital.

Doctors told him that he had two choices, either he can live or he can die and that he can choose, with the family and the support that he had it was amazing that he was able to pull through this unfortunate event.

He drives this truck completely with hand levers, he has tractors and dozers out on his farm that he operates with all hand levers and does all of this on his own, what strength Randall must have to be able to accomplish the tasks that he needs to perform.


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